Below is a list of out most common questions asked by customers using our services, if you have any other questions for P&J School of Motoring simply contact us and we will answer you question as soon as possible.

What cars do you teach in?

Our current driving vehicles are Toyota Auris with manual gearbox and all fitted with dual controls & safety mirrors.

How do I book a driving lesson?

- Call us on 01483 234419 or 07717 454875*
- Text ‘Name & Location’ to 07717 454875 and we will call you back at the earliest opportunity.
- Fill out the online contact form located on all our pages and we will call you back as soon as possible.
- Email us at learntodrive@pjmotoringschool.co.uk
- Add us as friend and like our page on Facebook and then send us a personal message.
- Follow our Twitter feed and send us personal message.

How long do lessons last?

Lessons last a minimum of 1 hour.  This is to allow you, the pupil, sufficient time to progress and develop your driving skills.  Your Driving Instructor will try their best to accommodate your individual needs and requirements, but some new drivers can push themselves too hard. Your Instructor will constantly monitor your progress and suggest the amount of tuition that’s right for you. Most of our pupils tend to take at least 2 hours of lesson tuition each week to gain the best results.

How regularly will I have lessons?

Your Instructor will help fit your lessons around your needs, at a time to suit you.  We find most pupils take 2 hours of tuition each week, either in ONE x 2 hour lesson or TWO x 1hr lessons.

Do you give 2 hour lessons?

Yes, our lessons are divided into 60 minute or 120 minute durations. Please contact us or visit our Pricing / Packages page for more information.

What is your pass rate?

We are delighted to say, at the last consultation with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency), our pass rate was, on average, 95%.

Where will my lesson start and finish?

Your Instructor can pick you up and drop you off at most locations within reason (e.g. pick up from your place of work and drop off at your home).   This will need to be discussed and agreed with your Instructor at the time of booking your lesson.

What happens during each lesson?

Our Driving Instructors are fully trained to give you the best tuition in both theory and practical driving during each lesson.  At the end of each lesson you and your Instructor will review what you have learnt and set objectives for your next lesson.  This will help you maintain focus on your goals and keep your progress steady.

What if I already have some driving experience?

If you already have some driving experience under your belt, you probably won’t need as many lessons as a complete beginner. After an initial assessment lesson, your Instructor will be able to see what you already know and are capable of.  They can also indicate what you will need to learn for your practical test and can then recommend how many lessons you will need.

Can I carry passengers during my lessons?

Yes, we do allow our pupils to carry passengers during a lesson.  Many of our students feel more comfortable and less nervous with a family member or friend present.  If you would like a passenger present during a lesson, please arrange this with your Instructor beforehand.

Are your Instructors fully qualified?

All Driving Instructors at P&J School of Motoring are fully licensed by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).  With years of experience and a sound knowledge of the local area, their goal is not just to prepare you for your practical test, but also to make you a safe and confident driver for life.

Do you offer discounts on block bookings?

We certainly do!  Please check out our Driving Packages page which contains information on all our latest offers and discounts.

Do you teach in automatic vehicles as well as manual?

Currently all Instructors at P&J teach in cars with manual transmission.  The main reason being that if you pass your test in a manual car, you are then able to drive any car, whether it’s manual or automatic.  If you were to pass your test in an automatic car, you would be unable to drive a manual car.

Do you offer theory test advice and assistance?

All of our Driving Instructors are fully qualified and able to offer FREE theory test advice and assistance to pupils. For more information, please ask your Instructor.

What should I do if I need to cancel a booked driving lesson?

Pupils need to give two clear working days (48 hours) notice to their Instructor if they are unable to attend a booked lesson. If you need to cancel please call 07717 454875 to avoid losing your lesson fees.

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a widely recognised scheme, with the aim of improving the confidence and ability of newly qualified drivers.  Statistics prove that as a new driver, you will be more prone to accidents than experienced drivers.  Pass Plus offers the chance for further professional instruction, where you can gain quality experience and become more skilful and positive behind the wheel.  In addition, the scheme is recognised by many motor insurance companies who offer reduced rates on policies if you complete the course.  All Instructors at P&J School of Motoring are fully qualified to teach Pass Plus to anyone who has fully passed their driving test.  The course is divided into six modules, covering different aspects of driving.  Pass Plus is not covered by a final exam, instead the instructor will judge when you have reached a sufficient standard in each module and confirm when you have successfully completed the course.

The six modules of the Pass Plus scheme are:
All-Weather Driving
- Dual Carriageways
- Motorways
- Night Driving
- Out of Town & Rural Roads Driving
- Town Driving

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